Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So it's going to snow soon, right? That was my first thought yesterday morning when the bank near my house read 68 degrees on my way to work. The temps were nice enough, but it was pretty windy last night - so it sounded like a winter storm was rushing through. I did get out before dark to take some photos at the Richland Cemetery as to give myself pictures to process as the weather turns. I really should get out there and take more again if I'm going to survive the winter.

I also baked up a pumpkin and toasted the seeds last night as well as doing some other trivial around the house tasks. I'm almost caught up on Parks and Rec too, but of course I've caught myself wanting to greet people like Chris (Rob Lowe's character) with their full names. Perhaps binge watching is more than my feeble mind can handle.

I haven't been back out to run again because my legs still ache. They're feeling better than they were, but this is a bit ridiculous. I guess we'll see what happens... 3 days!

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