Sunday, October 05, 2014

It was a good bit cooler this weekend and it tried to rain out our plans a bit on Saturday, but shifting things around a bit, all was still accomplished.  It's been a very busy one, I'm a bit tired, I'm contented, and I'm sad to see the work week come back around.

Friday night was the goodbye mortgage celebration at the Back Door Cafe.  We ate well and enjoyed some relaxing time there along with a delightful drink.  Saturday after getting moving we hit the mall to use a dated gift card earned the last time Eggs was in and then headed to New Florence for an auction before making a critical stop in the same area to pick up a Christmas gift that I'm quite excited to give.

As cold as it was getting we still headed to the Windber Oktoberfest and immediately dug in on some awesome bbq pork before the huge fire was lit.  Fortunately the fire kept us warm enough to make a couple of hours standing outside chatting with the Schmous and the Mr and Mrs Doug E Fresh (whom I haven't seen in a very long time).  My sampling was of the Spooky Tooth Pumpkin Ale which was delightful, especially with the cinnamon sugar rimmed glass.

Sunday we had to transact a bit of business in the morning before heading to see/meet Mum.  She of course insisted upon having food ready to be plated when we arrived.  I feel a bit guilty as the only cooking I did was pancakes on Saturday morning.  We were headed this way anyhow as to visit the Horseshoe Curve, which I'm sure I was at when I was younger, but I sure don't remember it at all.  I did snag a Conrail tee shirt for when I'm feeling all nostalgic and soft hearted.

I'll definitely sleep well tonight as I didn't rest super well last night.  For now I'll cuddle with Saffy and await the safe arrival message.

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