Monday, October 27, 2014

I kept moving on Saturday and got another bag of things gathered and to the trash from upstairs. Once I inventory the pile that is forming to go to St Vincent de Paul and get it out the door the room is going to look shockingly clear. Same deal with the pile of Christmas gifts that are forming in the other bedroom.

Sunday morning I was feeling a bit sluggish, but I still made it to church. I made an attempt to spend money I don't need to spend by going to Ross and TJ Maxx looking for another pair of jeans but didn't find my brand. (I am joyfully sick of needing to wear a belt or keep pulling my pants up.)

If you're delicate to the wonders that are being a woman you might want to skip ahead to the *s. I was just counting my blessings not three days ago that I haven't had a lot of cramps and misery in recent months, so go figure... the cramps set in yesterday. I understand cramping at the beginning of your period, but at the end? c'mon. All I can tell myself is that I survived a way worse pain a couple years ago for around two weeks and that somehow gets me through the waves. Dare I say at least the one morning of nausea that I was getting for one spell hasn't come back?


I wanted nothing more than to take a nap Sunday afternoon but I just couldn't get comfortable, not even after allowing Saffy to come cuddle. (Meh, the sheets needed changed anyhow.) So I eventually rolled back out of bed and headed out for another walk with her. I'm not hitting the elliptical or seriously buckling down on the exercise, but this is at least a step back in the right direction. Must make weight.

Sunday evening was time to head to the Laws to observe the next step in limoncello making (filtering and adding the simple syrup). Could I have done this without observing and just reading the instructions? Sure, but it was a good excuse to get in some quality time and then watch Walking Dead together.

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