Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I headed out early today to head to Altoona for another laser treatment.  Since the price has gone up, I certainly hope my legs spend a good long time nice and smooth.  Meh.

Since I was down there I went and picked up dinner for Mom and I.  I was there less than an hour to eat before heading home and she made up for lost time this past weekend.  She noted that my sweater was too big (you'd think that would be a good problem), but only after asking why I didn't have a cardigan instead.

Her commentary from this past weekend was less about him and way more about me... like how I should not boss him around, as that's probably what went wrong w/ my ex.  When I asked what she thought I bossed him around about it was because I made him do the dishes.  Seriously?  It was our deal from college.  I did all of the laundry, he did the dishes.  When we moved in w/ Drewfus they both agreed to keep on doing all of the dishes if I did the cooking.

Is it really that wrong to expect the guy to have some distinct task that is his responsibility when you're also working 40 hours a week and paying half of the bills?

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