Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why so cranky! I don't know what's up, but the mood I avoided last week caught up with me. Maybe it's the colder rainy weather. Maybe it's that the scale doesn't want to budge and I'm conceding that I won't make this bet. I took a day off of working out thanks to my mood. I tried to shake it all evening, indulging in a beer, a hot bath with a book, and cooking up some yummy beets... all to no avail.

I realized this morning what I should have done was curled up w/ a hockey jersey (it's like a great big hockey hug) to stay warm last night. Right now I just want a real hug, that would be good. Soon enough I guess.

For now, I just keep checking in on the mortgage site waiting for them to process my payment properly... then I can request my final payment amount. It's almost over!

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