Sunday, September 07, 2014

Another good weekend... even though I had to be a patient girl and wait til noon on Saturday for the really good part to begin.  Friday night was okay too, don't get me wrong.  I headed back to the Flood City cafe, where I caught up with Beff and met a few ppl who were important to her.

Saturday morning found me making sauce to use up things that have been collecting in the freezer.  I really need to get better about marking bags... as the bag of peppers I added to the sauce clearly contained hot peppers.  Oooy.  So I have two containers of rather saucy sauce w/ meatballs in the freezer, the other two went home with Eggs.  I did use a little bit of it across the top of a batch of stuffed shells which turned out very yummy.  So yea, bad bad bad food again this weekend.  Scale still seems hung up, but no surprise... I have two weeks left, it's time to buckle down hard.

That said, yes, I did still get my run in tonight.  I think I need to get fruit heavy again starting tomorrow... but those leftovers won't eat themselves.

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