Sunday, August 31, 2014

I managed to force myself out of bed for the early church service this morning as to ensure I could get on the road to mom's at a reasonable time.  We had a short visit before another aunt stopped in (it's hard to really talk once company arrives) and then had dinner.  As always mom made a ton of good food, including a yummy way to do eggplant (that I need to steal the recipe for), baked potato (which I had to take a small one of), steak (which I had to take a small piece of), sliced tomatoes, and broccoli.  Then she tried to bring out ice cream and raisin filled cookies, which I managed to turn away.

I headed home to get my run in - number 1 in week 5 which meant nearly 1.5 miles (I'm not quite on the 5 min 1/2 mile pace, so shy of that), but I still made it through the 5 min run, 3 min walk (repeat 3 times) cycle without too much strain - despite being too stupid to remember to double up my top before I headed out to the high school track.  I wanted to go up there to get a vibe for the distance covered in the 5 minutes, which ended up being shy of two laps (1/2 mile) thus my assessment.

I also need to report that two people in the past 24 hours noted how happy I am as of late - one being Kath and the other my Mithy.  They, of course, have their finger on the reason, and it makes me blush - but it speaks nothing but good things about the guy when one person who has only known me since returning to PA said they've NEVER seen me this happy and the other who knew me in my 'other life' said it's been a looong time since they've seen me this happy.    Don't have the nerve to give the Egg all of this info ... but maybe someday.

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