Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two late nights in a row here... and I'm actually keeping pace.  Not like I did when I was 25, but I'm not doing bad.  Friday night we gathered Beff and Philly and headed to the hockey game.  This is, I'll admit, the first game I've gone to since the Nailers started playing here.  It wasn't preferred hockey, felt very surreal, and left us sitting in the dreaded section 7 (cheapest seats - what's up w/ different pricing anyhow).  I didn't actively cheer, but the clapping was for the Royals, as odd as that was, it is better than the Nailers.  From there we spent a second Friday in a row at the 'Bi drinking a few long islands and talking.  It was a good night.

Saturday the holidays kicked into swing starting with the infamous Slips-Beff lunch.  This year we went to Off the Rak, since it's finally back in order after the fire that prevented our holiday visit a few years ago.  Had a good meal, good catching up conversation, and - as always - left with way too many awesome goodies.  There were numerous cds and a book off of my wish list, a cute skull scarf, and a red Keurig all my own!  I guess I'll be back on the caffeine wagon in no time.  That'll make the folks in at work happy.

Saturday night continued the infamy with the holiday party formerly known as the politically incorrect Christmas celebration.  It has definitely calmed down through the years, but remains a good chance to see a few people I don't see all that often.  The weather has been so agreeable, but just in time for this event the snow came.  Only a couple of inches, but it just wouldn't be Scott's party night w/o some crappy roads.

So here it is Sunday morning, I'm actually awake long before noon, and I have a small list of things to get accomplished.  Wish me luck.  Gratefully the week that is starting is a short one.

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