Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The rest of my past weekend was busy enough, but not cleaning like it probably should have been, or working out... instead quite the opposite - cooking/baking, making dirty dishes, and getting fat.  It is the holiday season so I made two batches of cookies (chocolate chip and no bakes) and then I brewed up one of Slips' cassaroles and a batch of Alton's mac and cheese.  Not sounding light are they?
Between all of that and then going out to eat for both lunch and dinner yesterday here I am feeling bloated and gross, nevermind up 5 lbs.  Ugh.  Didn't sleep well either.  I dunno what my issue is. Maybe I just need to wear myself out walking and cleaning so I'll wipe out properly again, the benefits to that route are numerous.  I think it's time to eat what's at the house and then spin back up on the uber diet. 
My excuse for last night's dinner out (a salad even) was a good one however, as I got to do my Christmas with Mithy and Addie.  We grubbed at Applebees and played some of the games from the set I got for Addie (bingo, tic tac toe, hangman - kangaroo being the key word, connect 4).  Hung out alone with them for a little while until the man came, so at least Mithy has been introduced now too.

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