Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Last night, for the first time in WAY too long I got to see Casey, Vanessa, and Dylan for dinner.  I am feeling a bit rushed around lately to get things done and squeezed in, but that's to be expected with the holidays and all.  I also ran last night to do a little cologne shopping.  I've said it a million times, but a good cologne is highly critical and helps reinforce memories for me.  I'm glad the 'new guy' is willing to play along and humor me ;)
Spoke with mum while I was out and about and learned that my Uncle Carmen (my dad's brother) passed away.  I've not been in close contact with that side of the family, well basically since my father passed, but... it does make me a little sad.  With the photos mom recently gave me it was on my mind to write to Uncle Carm just to say hello, that I was thinking of him, etc etc... but I guess I missed my window of opportunity.
The icing on my evening's cake was someone rearing their head yet again.  Bored?  Lonely?  Needy?  Whatever your problem is - it's not mine, stop trying to torture me.

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