Sunday, November 20, 2011

Headed to see Twilight Friday night.  I still hate the story as it unfolded with regard to Jacob, but that's just me.  Now I have to wait til when to see the other half?

Saturday and Sunday both have allowed me to sleep in a bit and to get some cleaning done.  I even hauled the Christmas stuff down to get it in order during the week!  That is, if I can find the plug for the Christmas tree, or I'll be reverting to adding lights to get it kicking.  I made a few more gift purchases too, so I'm almost done.  One box packed to go to my sister and another needs done as soon as I can find one that is long/high enough for the one item.

Decided to officially change the FB status today after getting nixed on my choice of shirts.  I like the one that says Single though, it's a regular cruise companion. :)

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