Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Remember the great project exodus of 1999?  Yea, well I think it was renewed.  I've heard too many names in too short of a period of time and it ups my anxiety a bit.  As part of that exodus one slot will, in theory, be opening, unless it is absorbed.  I am going to toss my name into the hat, even though I am not confident that I'll be given a second glance.  Wish me luck.

Give me another round of luck as well, since I decided to go through the first phase of the 17 day diet again.  I've been stuck at a weight all month, despite trying (admittedly halfheartedly) to watch what I eat and still walking.  Must see the number change.

So, I came home today and noted immediately a big tuft of fur lifting out on Vixen.  I inspect further and she's got a wad of hair pulled out and a red irritated spot that looks like it was itchy.  Seriously, is she just jealous that Dani has a boo boo?  Frickin dogs.  It's been smothered in antibac cream, we'll see.


maborethoss said...

hi hope it get better so light hearted i would cry to see my weewee like that.

JM said...

Thank you. She is looking better, and the first one's "thing" is no longer inflamed and oozing. Yay for meds.