Saturday, September 03, 2011

I had to flip the breaker to kick on the air today as it was pretty darn warm out there. I made my run to Fritz's for fruit and through Ollies looking for more chopped garlic in a jar (no dice). The dishes are washed and away, the carpet is vacuumed and the kitchen floor is scrubbed. To make my world seem more in line my lawn care was tended to today too.

Some things got done, I didn't go walking since it was so warm (piss poor excuse, I know) and I sit here on a Saturday night alone, again. Alone isn't ideal, but it beats the pseudo-dates I've had in the past. You know, never mind with dinner or romance, let's just hang out, but not at a respectable hour. It's just as bad as being invited out on a lunch date. I do keep reminding myself to be glad that is a thing of the past and I hope there is someone out there that will see me for the catch I am, be willing to be seen with me, and treat me well. Hurry up buddy.

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