Monday, September 05, 2011

I got up and headed to Altoona to feed mom some of the grubbage I made earlier in the weekend, with a two-pack of steaks in tow to grill. After we ate we headed to do some visiting again and I headed out from there to come back up the mountain.

My immediate order of business, despite the ongoing rain, was to go try and figure out why my gutters and downspouts at the one corner of the house are creating an issue inside. They are after all calling for rain through Thursday, along with a flood watch. Never mind the mid-50s predicted for tomorrow and mid-60s for the two days after that. Yay Johnstown. Regardless, I took the covers off and they were still loaded with junk DESPITE the gutter covers having been there. WTF. I scooped everything I could from the primary culprit (in the rain, teetering on my ladder higher than I like), and left the covers off. We'll see if that helps.

BTW, this commercial is still running, it just came on as I was typing this post. I can't be the only one who finds it incredibly disgusting. I guess it's not as rancid as this one.

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