Saturday, September 17, 2011

I got lucky today and Petco had an opening to bathe Vix, so off we went first thing today.  While she was getting spa'd I did my running and finally got myself rolling on Christmas shopping.  I can mark NINE things in the notebook, YAY!  Prior to today I only had gifts for the two easiest people to shop for:  Beff and Niecey-poo.

After getting Vixen we stopped at Fritz's, their next to last weekend (boo), and the other little stand by my house.  This is the first time I stopped at this stand this year, but in years past I went there more often.  I was SO happy to see they had butternut squash!  I have been keeping an eye for it in Iggle with no luck.  That said I will be trying my hand at some homemade butternut squash soup sometime in the near future.  I also have the spaghetti squash from Thursday's farm box that I plan on cooking up today.  Let the fall comfort foods commence.

I'm also shooting to get the stencil back on the one wall in the bathroom this weekend, it really shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to do, it just needs done!  The summer comforter is in the wash and will be put away, switched out for something warmer by days end.  I actually kicked on the heat this morning when I noted that the house was down to 61.

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