Monday, May 23, 2011

What a completely frustrating and disheartening 24-hours. Last night just before bed the messages came through that mom went to the ER for breathing issues (again). Thank goodness for friends and family down there keeping such a close eye on her. She has yet another infection and is back on prednisone and whatever else. I guess she's feeling better already today, but it doesn't alleviate those nagging thoughts. I do worry too as she didn't have the A/C running, which she knows the dehumidified air helps her out. I don't think she's slipping mentally, she's just that fricking stubborn.

Today the cell phone just kept ringing, I'm sure that didn't aid my mood much. Granted some of those calls were in relation to someone finding my resume. Admittedly, while NJ and WV are at the bottom of my list of viable states to live in, the job itself tweaks my interest... so we'll see if their interest continues.

Nothing seemed to want to function for me today either - from websites we're at the 11th hour on to my browser/computer itself. Then there's the back and forth with my one doctor's office where one member of the staff is very helpful and the other is telling me that all I'm getting is a letter when I need a telephone call made (long story). Either way, it chaps my ass.

On a bright note, I did find a sweet flight price for a future vacation - and out of Jtown none the less. Fingers crossed that non-winter month flights have a better predictability factor.

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