Friday, May 13, 2011

Since I was a bit up on hours from earlier in the week (and the strange recent phenomenon by which I've been up and at work by 7:30 4 out of 5 days this week) I left around 3 today, hauling home, trying the pressure washer that gave me issue last Saturday. Still wouldn't light up so back it went. No hassle, refund issued, went to Lowes instead to try another. This one kicked up and survived washing the entire back deck (YAY).

Of course, now once it's dry I'll need to reseal it, not looking forward to that part. I did use the GE Weathermate that I've been clutching to for a few years on the apartment deck, so that one is covered. I wish I could still find that stuff for sale. Gladly, I got my 20 minutes in on the treadmill this morning before work, because now I'm a bit pooped and want nothing more than dinner and to flop down in front of the TV for a few.

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