Sunday, July 23, 2006

On a surprising twist my birthday gift from my dear mother was not an outfit as it traditionally is, but instead a fifth of vodka. How sweet is that? She prepped us up some charred cow and made me a cake, so I headed off to see Clerks on Friday night with a full stomach. The movie is a sequel, so the expectations aren't overly high. Yeah, disappointing when compared to it's predecessor in some ways, but still quite funny and worth the trip to the theatre.

Saturday I cranked out the laundry and dishes, and finished up my last paper for this semester then headed downtown to the Cambria County Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony. When I saw the available tickets through work I nearly passed until I saw Galen Head's name on the list of inductees. Congrats Galen! For those curious about the Cambria County Convention Center's food etc, the food was ok but a bit bland. The service was poor, but it just reminded me of how well I'm treated when cruising. (Less than 45 days!)

Sunday included a good bit of sleep and then heading out for a little bit of shopping which turned into catching up with the Slipster and a lot of shopping. At least I did some walking. I did find another bitchin dress. Pretty bad when I have as many jerseys as I do fancy dresses and vice versa. That's saying alot.

In response to a previous comment left by a frequent visitor. I can outdrink sailors... just WAIT until vacation.

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Brian said...

This sailor has never asserted superiority in a drinking contest, but if you're bringing the challenge we're drinking the sailor's drink: dark rum. Straight up.

- B