Friday, July 21, 2006

The birthday festivities were deferred to Friday evening due to Thursdays basically stinking for a celebration night and the AITP meeting conflicting. So on Thursday night I went to Hoss' for the meeting and then ran amongst Walmart and Home Depot looking for a certain type of plant. From there I hit TJ Maxx before they closed and bought a cutie Guess brand top from the clearance rack - BONUS. From there the ladies trapped me, despite my protests, and had me open gifts ON my birthday.

All I know is I got way too much and ate way too many calories in rich, thick chocolate cake. I now have beautiful stylish black dishes (setting for 8 none the less), my long desired hockey trivia game, a Guinness shirt, a new Snoopy mini-flag, awesome black and red sushi accessories, a DVD of Underworld, and my cute little vampire garlic keeper. Christmas in July indeed!

This morning got one heck of a gift on my mid-term, which helps bring me a little more comfort for the semester, but I'm not finished yet! At least now I'm inspired more for this week's assignment. And I found this after coming in to find flowers on my desk. I am truly spoiled.

At this point it would seem overly decadent to then go out to a big fancy meal this evening, so I'm quite pleased with my "meal out" decision to head to Altoona and consume at Chateau Millie. I haven't bothered to even try and pull out my grill yet this year so I'm more than happy to eat mom's grilled up delights. From there we'll be taking in Clerks deux. (Somehow my evening has turned into a french theme.) To top it of ... how does one say sloshed in French? Benoit, a little help please?

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Brian said...

"Ivre en tant que marin sur le congé."