Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's thundering and trying to rain... again. I've had a bit of a thunderstorm of my own brewing in my head all weekend too, damn sinusy headaches. Friday was the Slipster's birthday, the first in our trifecta. So we headed out to Greensburg for dinner at the Olive Garden and a quick run through the bookstore, from there we swung into the Haven where we left pretty quickly due to the loudness and the awful mix of drinks. How does an amaretto sour not have sour mix? And a vodka martini that still has gin in it - and olives? Blah.

I cooked for myself on Saturday, and I should be eating those leftovers tonight, but I'm hoping to avoid it. It was good, I'm just not a leftover person. I've been trying to make progress on my mid-term written assignment this weekend, I just haven't found my pace. I did read this week's chapter, which is helpful for the assignment, I've selected and formulated sections and tried to flesh out an outline of sorts, I just can't get into it. I'll blame my headache, but I don't think that's it, I'm just distracted.

Oh, I also have to report the horrifyingly similar to Jessica Simpson idiot girl I saw at the Giant Eagle last night. She's there w/ what I presume is her boyfriend shopping, he's pushing the cart and trying to shop and she's thumping around in her heels like a complete clod. She was wearing a fancy looking black dress and has her uber-fake blonde hair all curled and ringlet like, but then she has a nasty looking gray sweatshirt pulled on. I thought she was like 19-20 from the way she was stomping around and acting a fool, but then I finally got a look at her face and I was horrified. Being in the sun too much DOES age you ladies. *shiver* She got lost somewhere in the store while the male counterpart was checking out (in front of me). He was then sitting on the bench looking around with a strained patience look on his face. It took everything I had to not tell him I was sorry or mumble "poor bastard" under my breath.

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