Friday, August 05, 2005

Ok, so Thompson can actually cook. Granted I was ready to toss a few cookies after dinner, but that was for a totally different reason. Let's have a round of applause for Vixen who caught her very first boonie this evening. (boonie = bunny) Her glory didn't last long as Satin and I both heard the sound of something bouncing off the fence. I got to the door quick enough to see her making the final kill and Satin went flying outside to snatch it from her proud little face. Vixen may have only had a scrap of flesh and fur left, but it was still a notch on her belt.

After prying the remains from Satin and chucking it, as well as the pile of entrails over the fence it was time to settle in for a movie. Entrails you say? How about Shaun of the Dead? Need I mention how incredibly squishy and nasty bunny guts are?

On to more pleasant thougts: a few more important hockey transactions today. Kariya to Nashville? Wow. Khabibulin goes to Chicago! *gasp* Still waiting for Bates to get his butt in gear.

Joe Ernst, the ref from hell was promoted to the head of refs last week only to "retire" this week. Again, I repeat, good riddance. Normally bad calls end up going both ways on the ice, so while it may be against you one call the next makes up for it... unless Mr. Ernst is working.

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