Friday, August 26, 2005

My workday went quickly as I was busy with documents gallore and the first pass of "testing" on the tool my project is developing. It's fabulous to see this come together. I'll always marvel at how little clumps of code can do so much. Pretty bad that I marvel at the low level code - yes, I was completely clueless as to where to start on things some of the more hardcore developers I know wrote on a daily basis.

After work it was time to haul across town for dinner with the Laws. A little too much crab cake later and we headed back so I could see my favorite doberman, Ripley, and Lizzy as well as to listen to some tunes. It's always too long between the common availabilities by which I get to see the Laws. After a quick discussion about tattoos and one on NHL Center Ice I have too many ideas floating in my delicate brain.

Speaking of hockey - TJ Reynolds signs with the Predators. *much laughter* Reynolds... Reeeynolds... you (still) suck. The Chiefs have been mighty quiet lately. I have to wonder if we're waiting to see what plans Tampa Bay has for us. And... what is up with Bates? Hello. Sign sweetheart. You're killing me here.

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