Monday, August 15, 2005

My weekend was absolutely not long enough, although, to make it longer would prolong sitting in the heat. It was, undoubtably, the hottest weekend in Jtown this summer. The heat sure makes hockey season seem forever away.

Saturday was spent sweating up a storm helping Beff get a good bit of gear moved to the new house. Things are really coming along in her move, but there is always obstacles with a new house. Welcome to home ownership *grin* Sunday was nice, but also a scorcher. Davey T headed over later in the afternoon to do some grilling. I think that is the largest meal cooked at my house in six months easy. But it was delish. An evening by the fan watching a movie and it was time to crash out. I don't seem to get enough sleep lately.

This morning was 67 degrees, but felt chilly in comparison to the weekend. It's definitely a good feel. I'm pretty sure it will be heating up however... I am almost happy to be stuck in "this place" all day.

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