Monday, March 06, 2017

With my sister here it's nice to get to explore some new territory with someone.  On Friday we headed to the first fish fry stop over lunch - up at the Italian Independent Club up in Muse.  I had wanted to check this place out and hearing that they had amazing fish sammies was a great excuse.  The fish WAS delightful.  It is a smoking club, as I feared, except when they do meals (lent fish fries and monthly spaghetti dinners).  We spent the rest of our weekend out shopping and exploring new areas, that is - after I was forced to rearrange the computer room to get the newly repaired desk into the mix.  I didn't buy a whole lot, but it was good to explore a little north into Bethel Park.

I did come back home last night and order a new chair for the computer room after testing some out in store.  I'm not sure if I complained that my old one seems to have been leaking oil and the back 'gives out' allowing it to swing backwards sometimes when I lean back (this of course scares the snot out of me).  So I have a Sealy chair on the way, and I'm glad I waited.  Not only will it get delivered to my door, but I also found an online coupon for 20% off, so boom.  It nearly always pays to hunt online to verify prices.

The weather has started to get a little warmer again - 50s yesterday and today, but a bit overcast and attempting to drizzle on us today.  I'll still take it.

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