Sunday, March 12, 2017

They say to test your smoke detectors when you change the clocks, which we did yesterday by making bacon in the oven. It would set of the detector every time in Jtown and apparently that isn't changing here.  Unfortunately, I guess that ticked off the detector and it decided to get even, so at 5am it started chirping.*GAH!*  This immediately upset Saf who came up into the bed to cuddle up and hide and the periodic chirping had me unable to fall back asleep.  40 minutes later I got up and started surfing youtube on how to deal with a hardwired smoke detector that was pissing you off.  After all, my typical approach of pull the thing down and take out the battery didn't work - it kept chirping.  My next step historically has been smash the ear curdling device to bits but I somehow restrained.  Thank goodness I had a 9-volt in my carbon monoxide detector to steal to shut this thing up so Saffy and I could go back to bed.

This brings me to my next peeve, can we please stop with this whole day light savings time crap?  All it does is frell up schedules and make me cranky.

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