Friday, August 05, 2016

I'm feeling pretty disenchanted on the house issue.  Another no thanks and reverting back to old comments.  *sigh*  I have no other ideas other than to step up the same things more frequently.  Even all of that won't help the fact that either you want the apartment or you don't.  I hate not having a say or a feasible course of action.  Now I waffle back in the other direction on my internal dialog.  Will it be easier to sell if I WASN'T living here?  Sadly, this is the same discussion in my brain how many years ago and look how that turned out.  Well that train of thought is just so incredibly depressing and frightening, not just from the house perspective but also on the relationship perspective.

It really hasn't been on the market long, I know this.  I shouldn't feel crappy about it - but I do.  The summer is almost over and with that is the house selling/buying season.  Hell, I've lost most of this year to the whole situation at this point from initial prep to today.

Drake went to his new home today.  My driveway feels empty.  Yes I'm a little sad about that too.

Thank God it's Friday.  Thank God I get to hug my favorite Egg tonight.  When I'm around him I tend to at least get a good night's sleep, there's something comforting about his presence.  Maybe that's what I need to get past this physical and emotional exhaustion.

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