Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Two negatory responses on yesterday's showings and another scheduled for Thursday.  I had my review today and know what my raise will be for the year.  I'm grateful that we're not under a pay freeze, that's for sure, but I am still not in a celebrating type of mood.

When I got home I had mail from the lawyer tending to Mum's estate.  Sounds like a couple more months worth of wait given that there is now ANOTHER step and then another wait for something else to file.  This is beyond obscene at this point.  They want us all to file amended returns for 2015.  Why?  I didn't get a penny in 2015 (frankly I'll be surprised if I get a penny in 2016 at this point).  Her estate wasn't big enough for the IRS to care about and the PA taxes should already be removed before a penny of it comes my way.  So... wth.  Go ahead and try to read up on these forms and/or processes on your own, I dare you.  I wonder how much it's going to cost me to get my stuff amended.  The best part is they said "we told you that taxes should be done after x and y are done".  Seriously, it's July.  You wanted us to not do my taxes?  You know April 15th is the deadline, right?  When did you try to tell us this little "fact"?  Like a month ago.  You're an idiot.  Despite all of this you get to steal 10% of everything someone worked their whole life for.

If you're in need of a lawyer in Blair county let me know, I'll tell you who doesn't do anything without being nagged and just allows things to linger for months at a time.

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