Thursday, July 28, 2016

I've been trying to whittle down my options - and managed to eliminate one due to the way pricing works out when compared to other/better options that end up being around the same payment.  It is still remaining a futile question because there are bigger issues a foot.  I've turned to others I care about for opinions and I keep hearing the same comments/hints, (some more blunt than others).

Then tonight I had an epiphany:  for once, I am the girl in the relationship.  All of those times back when I was nagged for 'status talks' that I cringed.  Of course I knew what it was, they wanted that because they could sense exactly where they stood - they were in deeper than I was.  So what does that tell me?

I can't just stand still and wait to be forced out and the only other option is to commit to a direction that forces other things.  I also can't sit on a house w/ half of it sitting empty indefinitely.  Thirdly, my other wants are kind of screwed either way.  I know some things aren't in the cards for some people, but it doesn't make me any happier for the whole thing.

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