Monday, July 25, 2016

I headed to my Favorite Egg's on Friday.  Sure, he had to work all day, but I got busy with house hunting related activities.  I started at a builder's place in the area I was liking... and while they said they could do something in a range I'm comfortable with the number went up too fast once I said it was weird to have a house with the 2nd/3rd bedroom in the basement.  Then we caught up with the agent to see a few houses.  Once was nice, but had a less than awesome kitchen and was too close to a loud/busy road for my liking.

Saturday we were up to meet her once again to see other places.  On this run I found two places that were quite nice - viable options!  I really liked the one, feeling the only thing it was missing from my want list was a walkout from the basement to the back yard.  It would require the addition of a fence too.  It had a great view, which didn't involve a ton of other houses, so that was a plus, and a great space for a home office ... or more formal dining room down the road.  The other I had written off because it more pricey - but after we discussed that it's really about the same price once you'd add a nice roof over the deck and a fence.  This one was a bit bigger too, but it had the garage in the basement.  Neither one has the finishes I really would prefer... but...

Sunday I returned to both of the aforementioned homes to reassess fully, and to take more pictures and video.   The second place couldn't get me in until later, so I wasn't home until later and I had to be here without the girls last night.  Tonight it's just good to be home and able to sit, but I'm hoping for a conversation to try and give me some clarity (or more confusion is more likely).

... It doesn't matter at the moment however, because I'm not sure what to do.  I know I can't sit on my thumbs if I'm interested or they'll be gone.  I don't feel like I have a win right now, unfortunately - and it's so much money to commit to due to uncertainties of any kind.  *sigh*

Feedback on this house continues to say that it is nice but not for them.  Better than feedback could be, but still disappointing.  It's still new on the market really, so I am not complaining.  It will happen and soon enough.

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