Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The all clear has been given - another spray for good measure and another re-inspection of my side for sanity's sake.  I should be ecstatic. Instead I'm anxious and fretting over other things related to the situation there that remain unresolved.

I created the must re-clean/do list to get things ready to relist.  It isn't as long of a list as it was in the past, but it still feels daunting for a quick turn around.  Thanks to the birds half of the windows need re-washed, I really should pressure wash the siding where it's grungy looking and to clean the bird poo off of the front porch.  The worst part is the thought of going in to clean the bathroom in the apartment.  SOOOO ready to not deal with being a landlord ever, ever, ever again.

I think I'm pms-ing too.  I saw something on a friend's fb feed that made me sad and jealous.  I'm trying to not be a train wreck.  Like I said, I should be REALLY happy today, right?

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