Sunday, June 26, 2016

It was determined both that Saturday counted as the third treatment, and that the second guy prb didn't treat everything properly.  Needless to say, I will be making a call tomorrow to try and get additional treatments on account for the issues raised as I learned more from this technician, and if not to press to have follow ups every 10 days for my 30 day warranty.  There was nothing to be found and I was reassured that hauling everything out was a good move.  I encouraged him to hose the place down and headed out.  The girls were already at the kennel to ensure their safety.

I had a 3pm appointment at a builder out on 22, but left the house before noon.  I had planned on driving further to a Starbucks to sit and waste time, but when I got just a little ways past I spotted another builder I was looking at that I didn't realize had an office up that way as well.  So, I stopped in without an appointment to see their models and talk with their sales staff.  After I pressed on to the Starbucks, sitting only for a half an hour, before returning to the first builder's location.

We did a quick calculation at the place I had an appointment - the pipedream so to speak.  We're talking $250k before you get the land, cover the utility hookups, and tend to the other items (landscaping/fence/driveway...).  Yeah, prb not.  I could strip way back but I still think that is a lot of cash for what feels like such an unknown.  It also takes long enough to build that I don't know if that is an option or my desire right now.

Today I tried to get back into being productive around the house.  It's pretty warm, but I still pulled out the paint after church and scraped/touched up the concrete block outside and some of the walls in the main part of the basement.  It's something that should help, right?  I'm probably going to need to reclean top to bottom.  At least stuff is out of the way as to make that an easier thing to accomplish when the time comes.

Also today my Favorite Egg tells me he got "tick bombed" behind his house.  Ugh.  What is up with all of the bug plagues this summer?  This needs to stop.

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