Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I got through my Monday afternoon unscathed, which calmed me down a good bit... but it doesn't cure the sadness for the folks who have been 'there' longer than me who walked out the door.  It doesn't leave me in a comfy cozy state for the long term either.  I really need everything else to come together so I am in a better place (literally) when I am voted off of the island.  I have a major breakout case of eczema right now thanks to all of this.

I have things lined up to tend to the larger furniture in the apartment later this week, that's one thing that will be off of the list quickly, thank goodness.  I washed down the metal posts and walls that I plan on repainting in the basement and scraped the loose paint on the concrete block outside this evening.  But still I sit here a little on edge feeling like there is so much I need to do - again with a deadline.  I don't really have the deadline yet, but I'm hoping the all clear will come right at the beginning of July.

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