Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's time to talk about the vacation like it didn't seem like an eternity ago already.  We flew out on Thursday, the 12th way too early.  This did get us into San Juan and to our hotel by 2pm.  After dropping off our luggage we walked about for a while.  The hotel had nifty bathtubs up on the roof which would have been great to watch the sunset, had there been a good sunset to watch.  It was pretty cloudy and meh the first day and rainy the second.  I guess it's a good thing I didn't book a kayak trip to one of the biolumescent bays, as I'm sure the meh weather would have made it less exciting.

Second day, more walking around, including following the path that they've finished from El Morro to the Raices Fountain, a short stop at Casa Blanca (a strong house built for but never inhabited by Ponce de Leon), and the Parque Las Palomas (Pigeon Park).

When it comes to coffee and delights in San Juan we tried the Choco Bar (twice - once for a snack and once for breakfast), Mojito's for local dinner fare (a recommendation from a guy at our hotel), Don Ruiz (for coffee), Calficultura (for breakfast and coffee), Cuatro Sombras (for ... are you catching on - more coffee - and a sammie).  We also stopped after our long walk for a mojito and a pina colada at a bar just off of the Paseo La Princesa.

Our third "day" there we headed to meet Adventure of the Seas (after some of that breakfast and coffee).  She looked in great shape considering she is going into dry dock later this year.  Staff was good.  Food was good.  We didn't hit all of the shows or run to all of the other things to do, but we did play ping pong, ice skate, and eat eat eat.

We quickly arrived in St Thomas where we did a Sunny Liston tour around the island (I've done this before, but it was his first visit).  I got my banana daiquiri at the mountaintop and we went to the third beach selection, which I had never been to before.  Coki was recommended as good for snorkeling, and boy was it - so many fish. The stand we rented snorkel equipment from even gave us large milkbones which drew the fish (and birds) in like crazy.  I have plenty of photos of the fish, seagulls, a duck, and a pelican.  We also saw urchins, but I didn't catch a picture.

Next day St Kitts.  We've both been there before - this is where we really start the places that a consensus couldn't be reached on what to do... so I made an executive decision and we headed out with Thenford Grey's tours to Nevis.  It was a good day and we saw plenty.  Our time at this beach felt a bit wasted.  The sand was nice, but there was no shade and we didn't swim.  Instead we went into Sunshines, a popular beach bar and had amazing fall off the bone wings and a killer bee drink (or two).

After a day at sea we then went to Curacao.  This was a first time visit for both of us.  Remember how I said we didn't reach decisions on what to do?  We ended up walking around near the pier.  Fortunately here there was a nice mix of things.  I love the local market scenes.  We did try a batido (fruit-based smoothie) but we didn't stop at the local foodery.  It was kind of neat to walk across the pontoon walking bridge and watch them open it up to allow boats through the passage.

Next up, Aruba - another first timer where we walked around near the pier... I really wish we could have picked someone to tour with.  I don't really feel like I was "in" Aruba as a result of seeing basically shopping.  I did catch a pink iguana (strawberry colada).

Another day at sea and we were back to San Juan to fly home... which took until well past midnight thanks to getting trapped longer in Charlotte (Charlotte always screws me).  At least it was a short drive to his place instead of the whole way home.  That was saved for the next day after I hit a few open houses and fell in unexpected love with - of all things - a townhouse - but I already talked about that in another post.

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