Monday, May 30, 2016

It's been a good weekend - all things considered.  I spoke with both of my Favorite Egg's parents individually over the course of the weekend.  They are tremendous comforters and wise.  It helped so much to be prayed over directly to ease my mind.  I also got my rear moving on Sunday and went to church to spend a little time at the alter.  During the course of the weekend I also decided to step into something I've meant to do for a long time.  I'm going to read the whole New Testament straight through - my goal is the 90 day timeline.  I'm already to Matthew 15, so the holiday weekend gave me a chance to get out in front of the week when my time is a little more limited.

My Favorite Egg came in on Sunday, despite my concerns about him coming in with the things going on.  I'm really glad to have had him here for a hug and a shoulder.  He also had a good idea for the situation that we were able to implement earlier today thanks to him placing an Amazon Prime order.  While he was here I put him to work and the guts of my toilet are now replaced.  It will be so nice to not be woken by the sound of the toilet topping off!  I also got to check off a couple of cravings (Mexican and the Orchard) while he was here.

I guess I'm ready to take on the week - but I'm grateful that it's a short one.  I'll ask for continued prayers, please.  I know how easy it is to pick my worries back up - even though I know that does nothing for me other than demonstrate a lack of faith.

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