Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I just commented to Mrs Law that there might be a hidden diamond in the wine I still have stockpiled.  Tonight I opened one I was very curious about... boom.  BANANA - and YES, it's still very very good.  That is what has been fueling my evening's work - at least everything since mowing the lawn.  Yeah, it needed that again already.

The basement is scrubbed up (again - since the dirt from the garage resulted in paw prints throughout the basement) and wet/dry vac'ed to get more fur.  I swept up the garage because the sewer guy is done!  It was fun bringing the dogs in and taking the mower out over the wet concrete.  The kitchen floor is re-washed.  I'll scrub the tub again as I shower tonight.  I've also been trying to keep up on the little things that you tend to leave sitting around (a piece of paper here, a pen there, etc etc).

Since there is nothing but rain on the forecast my realtor and I decided we need to just leap and let folks know that the deck will be stained soon.  So yea.  That's happening in the next couple of days.  Oh boy here we go.  More banana wine please.

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