Sunday, March 13, 2016

It has been a lovely weekend, despite the rain sprinkles today.  The weather is so incredibly unseasonable.  My tulips are up a couple of inches, so I need to get out there and rake as soon as possible, even if I'm not ready to take a chance on mulching just yet.  So many things feel like they need to be done.  I always get that surge in the spring, but I know why it feels so much stronger right now.

I did not however get much of anything done this weekend because my Favorite Egg came in.  It was nice to play vacation one more weekend at least.  While he was here we went to see Deadpool. I haven't been at the movies in so long!  It was pretty good, but that's my sick sense of humor and drool for Ryan Reynold's talking the loudest.  I also did pull Drake out since March is here.  Now I need to get the stickers ordered for the vehicles.

I have addresses now, so I can at least get cranking on some envelopes for my gal pal's bridal shower.  So so many things to do!

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