Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just a post to catch up a bit.  I did in fact find my badge (thank you St Anthony), but not before I requested they kill the old one and create me a new one at work.  The snow had melted off just enough on Thursday afternoon that it resurfaced in my driveway.

I headed out to Texas in order to attend my dear nephew Matthew's wedding on Sunday.  The bonus there was I flew out of Pittsburgh, so I was able to spend a night before my flight with my Favorite Egg.

It was a beautiful ceremony and reception. The weather tried to put a damper on things, but it stayed to a mere sprinkle.  The rest of the weekend was way warmer than at home and quite pleasant.  It's been a long time since I've visited Texas.  I do still enjoy the area - and the food!  Rehearsal dinner featured bbq and the main event was chips, salsa, fajitas, and two delightful cakes (kudos to the boy child for his selection of red velvet for the groom's cake).

Amanda, his new wife, is a lovely and sweet gal.  I'm honored to finally meet her.  I also have gotten quite acquainted with their dog, Maci, who took to sleeping with me whilest she also stayed at my sister's house.  She doesn't quite know how to cuddle properly (a la Saffy) but no one is like that girl.  It is also good to see Izzy and Scooper again - Scooper has taken back to me more than my Favorite Egg's cats have.  Then of course there is the family.  I haven't seen Matt in quite some time, nor their father Bob.  It is always good to see Jackie and Dani.  Then there is Bob's brother and his wife, and I got to meet Jackie's other half sibling on the other side and his wife for the first time.

Did I mention more food?  We went to BJ's where I had an amazing salad and fried artichokes...  Breakfast at the little diner w/ Bob... lunch w/ Jackie and Janet for more bbq brisket... and a ton of left over wedding cake.  The scale isn't going to like me.  I did run several days while here, but I know my calorie intake is way up.

I've also been able to work remotely part time, saving some of my precious vacation hours.

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