Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I'm trying to not be sour, but for sure, Tuesdays after a long weekend try hard to make up for missing Monday.  Ugh.  It was raining, on top of the snow and slush, so I had a nice thick coat of ice to clear off the car.  I got to work and parked, and that's when I realized I forgot my badge, so I had to walk around to the front of the building to get in and get a temp one.  Allow me to note that so far this winter the place that maintains our walkways has put down so much ice melt that it crunched hard and nearly twisted your ankles to walk.  Not today!  Today there is nothing... but a sheet of ice, the whole way around the building.  By the time I got inside I was soaked through, my winter coat stuck to my arms and my hair drenched.  Stellar.

I almost stayed home this morning and worked from there because of the ice, but decided against it because I needed to be somewhere over lunch (not that I really have time for that this week).  Don't forget, I have a temp badge so I have to go in and out the front way - adding another 5 minutes to each direction there too.  Maybe some coffee will help improve my outlook.  If not, I'd suggest 20-30 foot clearance today.

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