Thursday, January 07, 2016

This morning I peeked to make sure a charge hit my Discover (since AT&T and DirecTV continue to struggle to combine my bills *sigh*) and I spotted other charges.  Yep. Again.  One charge the day before yesterday from that was refunded yesterday and then three charges from Intuit.  Doesn't that just scream 'testing out the card' and fraud?

I immediately froze the card while I called Discover - whom I love because they're great about this stuff.  Unfortunately, it means my account was closed and I'll be getting issued a new card.  I was trying to 'sit' on my existing card because I don't really want the stupid chip card and because they no longer offer the dog bone print card.  So alas, I've lost my cute print.

Then I called Intuit.  I have done business with them in years past so I was concerned some old auto-renewal thing kicked back up.  They were able to confirm that they saw no charges for my name since 2012, but then also confirmed the three charges (from three different shipping addresses) using my credit card number.  Why don't ya'll look at that as part of the charging process to verify an order?

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