Sunday, January 10, 2016

It was 45 degrees and raining not an hour ago (according to the bank and my vehicle), now I see snow flurries flying about.  Maybe it was the heavy winds that carried that in?  Good thing I got outside and attempted to correct a piece of loose siding yesterday.  I can only figure that it popped out due to past heavy winds as it was impossible to get back in properly.  I got it back under the lip on top, but not under the lip on the side.  At least it's not hanging out catching wind and just asking for damage, right?

While I had the ladder out I cleaned out the front gutters that I could reach (again).  I really wish I would get used to this task, but no.  Every time - I can go up the first four steps on the ladder without issue.  Step 5 requires a deep breath and step 6 is where I start to shiver just a little.  The rest of the (unreachable within 6 ladder steps) gutters can just go ahead and rip down if that's what it comes to. Seriously, getting crammed full immediately after getting cleaned out?  What's the point.

I did take a bit of advice I gave to someone else this weekend and got one box of stuff gathered for donating.  I need to do another box today.  I'd like to gather a box for each weekend day for the next several months, to me, that would be tremendous progress without a lot of struggle on any single day.  The big question of the day is:  is it time to get rid of my current Christmas tree?

I got moving today and went to church.  I've got to admit I was very disappointed to see that, once again this year, they did not make up envelopes for me.  That's' one quick way to not feel like part of a place.  Did I not give enough?  What's the criteria?  I'm trying to not be offended, but I really thought this got fixed last year.

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