Sunday, January 24, 2016

I was a brave girl and headed to see my Favorite Egg this weekend, despite the unpredictable storm that was brewing.  I left a bit earlier than I normally would to get out there.  As I headed down 70 the snow started and I was starting to get unhappy by the time I reached his exit and followed the salt truck a long way down the backroad.  But I made it in advance of the ick, so that was good.  We had planned to head back out for dinner and a grocery run.  That boy is brave.  I had to take a few deep breaths along the way, but we made our run w/o issue.

Come morning there was a full foot of snow.  Keep in mind, that things were to be worse "back here" so I was monitoring what everyone else was posting (one person saying 20" another saying 30").  Gah.  I had taken extra food for the dogs, just in case, so I could have waited until Monday if it came down to it.  By some miracle the roads were cleared out there quickly, and I was hearing good things about back here.  I am very shocked that the trip home was mostly dry and clear.  I'm proud of you Western PA.  That is might impressive.

Of course, my driveway was a mess.  My plow guy did come through on Saturday, but so did the idiots who love to put everything from up the road into my driveway.  My tenant was shoveling for a while and I still had to go out there and do more digging after getting home.  I hate snow.  At least the girls love it.  They had a blast out back (while I shoveled some of the weight off of the deck).

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