Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I survived my first drive in legit snow with Serafina.  It's odd to call about 3 inches a 'legit' snow, but given that it is the first accumulation of measure this winter and it has caused such havoc on the roads the label is earned.  Granted, I was moving very slowly, but I didn't feel a single slide or drift on the ride home.  Considering the accidents and mess being reported on facebook I'm calling it a huge win. 

I'm also proud to say that shoveling everything clear wasn't as tedious as it always seemed to be.  Let's see if I'm sore tomorrow.  Rather, sorer than I've been.  For whatever reason the backs of my upper legs and my shins have been a little unpleasant the past few days, despite being off of my workout for the past week (sorry world, I'm giving myself a break and hoping when I kick back up things will move).  I did bring home my computer and I doubt I'll be testing the roads out in the morning... but if they seem clear by later in the day I may need to go get a lottery ticket because, well, why not?

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