Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Fortunately tonight's dinner was a sammie - quick and easy.  I got my allergy shot and filled up the gas tank, which put me home a little later.  I was then working outside around Serafina to put the new liners in the back seat and cargo area when I prompty toppled over myself crashing to the ground.  I'm already aching a bit from it.  It should be interesting to see the bruises that result.  I wonder if any of the neighbors got to witness that show.

The liner for the back seat seems to fit quite well.  But I guess we'll see how well it stays in place with the dogs in there.  At least the leather should be protected.  As to the cargo liner I should have gotten the XL one as the edge flaps lay flat on the cargo area.  Compared to the Durango, the Kia is smaller, so I wouldn't have expected to need an XL for it.  Oh well, I guess I'll keep the tarp back there to help support the sides. At least everything showed up today.  The delay in Amazon shipping them had me quite worried they wouldn't arrive before I needed to transport beasts.

Next it was time to inventory the apartment, fix a couple of loose drawers there, and then run to Home Depot after realizing a bracket on a mini blind over there was broken.  This of course meant all of the weight was resting on the other side and pulling the whole piece of trim away from the wall.  *sigh*  I made my attempt at a fix, replacing the bracket, and attempting to use a longer screw to secure all of it to the wall behind, but of course I managed to strip the screw before I got it the whole way in.

I also picked up some wood screws as to better secure the railing on the small front porch for the deck and the railing on my basement stairs.  Since my first would-be elderly person fall was a few years ago on those basement stairs, I guess it's only fitting that I make sure the railings are secure, since I'm clearly at risk of breaking a hip in the near future.

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