Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The chimney guy came yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I paid more than I should have for tar to be applied around three chimneys, but at least it's done, hopefully it will resolve the two issues I was having. I would say I wish I was handier, but that wouldn't solve the problem of my complete and utter fear of heights that would have halted me from being handy on said need.

Last night I was able to run to Mum's w/ Davey T in order to discuss auctioning things off and cleaning things out. Tip: Don't have meetings to discuss selling/disposing of your childhood home around the time you could be a little PMSy. It's disrupted my sleep, it has me weepy and distracted, and it just feels like a heavy weight. I'm with my sister that it feels like forever before this can be done and we just want it all over with. I feel pulled in different directions, I feel like there are demands on us creating internal conflict, but mostly I just feel conflicted and disappointed.

I did get to see where Davey T goes to get "half greased" on the regular, sharing a drink with him, and then got to visit w/ Miss Becky as well while we grubbed some Chinese. Who would have thought Portage would have a good Chinese place?!

I need to get hours in at this point, but I'm distracted, I want to step out for lunch. Maybe a good cry is in order, or a drink. I'm really looking forward to my hug "scheduled" at the end of the week.

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