Wednesday, May 13, 2015

So, the last saved version of that document here isn't boogered up, so what happened? It lost spaces being uploaded as an attachment to yahoo mail? That's not good - that would mean every single one I ever send out would be hosed.

We're back down in the 40s today and the big swing combined with a crazy robin that woke me starting at 5am by banging off of the front window is giving me another good headache. I saw all of the bird poo on the chair cover yesterday when I got home, I guess that explains it. Seriously dude, if you're going to sit there all day smacking off of glass, no need to start at 5am.

I heard them say we might have a frost tonight, so I guess I need to haul all of my plants in off of the front porch. While it will take up most of my walking space in the dining room (especially since the old TV is still sitting in there *sigh*) at least I have the option to do so. The plants are going crazy. I have tomatoes and peppers forming already! This could be a banner year if the blight leaves me alone.

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