Friday, May 22, 2015

Shortly before lunch hour I got a call with good news - they found a vehicle for me out in the burgh. Same trim model as the previous in my desired color but it also had the factory installed remote start. Yay one less concession. I headed out for lunch w/ someone interested in Autumn and go figure - she decided to pop a leaf spring while we were out and about. smh

I ended up running straight to Carmen's to see what the deal was and from there to Team Collision, since Carmen's could not do the work on the diagnosis. It could be a lot more expensive than it is, but it still deflated me a little from my earlier excitement. I realized then that I need to just get her through inspection. I know my Mother would have told me not to and to leave that for the next owner, but it's the right thing to do. This way I know anything that has been discovered or would be discovered in two months is DONE. I can sell her feeling good from my end.

The better news there is, the person who was testing her out is still definitely interested. So as soon as I have her healthy again we'll go for another quick drive. Hopefully she will behave.

Today's good news? I get to see my Favorite Egg. :)
Today's bad news? I'm highly likely not to have a full 40 in by the time I leave today, especially if the dealership was able to get my new lady.

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