Sunday, May 10, 2015

I made it through the rest of my week and made some progress on tasks that had me stressing out a bit, at least the ones at work there was progress.  I'm so glad to have gotten to spend time with my Favorite Egg this weekend, but alas, here I sit on Sunday night sad once again.  It really does drain my motivation for a few days in the week after we part.  I miss him, I want to see him more.  There I've said it for the world to hear.

I was contacted by a former coworker and asked about my interest in another position and I sat listening to my internal dialog talking me out of things because my resume is out of date, because I don't have a lot of new skills, because I am already sure I'm not what they're looking for, because there are so many other big things in my world right now that I just can't handle something else like this.  I've got to say that I took this inquiry, and statement of "instantly thought of you", as a huge compliment given this person's intelligence and talent.  I'm incredibly flattered... which is why I need to get things updated and at least try.  I may not get called, but I can say I put myself out there.

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Anonymous said...

Get of the can and talk to them, without excuse, without caveats, and without the mental overhead of whats in play. New and great opportunities never come when "its the right time."