Saturday, April 11, 2015

Week one back left me exhausted.  I decided to nap last night after work, wiping out for nearly 3 hours.  Very little got done after as I was back in bed by a normal time and slept through the night, forcing myself to get up a few minutes before 8 as to get to Carmen's first thing.  I walked in a few minutes after 8 and already had a good 7 people in front of me.  So I sat there until 11:30, but at least they were able to get the work done.

Rear rotor and brake.  They think the smoke that was witnessed may have been from exhaust, as that too needs replaced and will need done when she gets inspected (yay).  I know I should start shopping and figure out what I want to buy, but I really really don't want a car payment, so I am putting it off as long as possible.  It's nice to not itch wanting a new car, right?

After leaving Carmen's I grabbed a bite and then hit the grocery store.  The sun is out even though it remains a little chilly, so I was feeling motivated.  I am a pro at getting the mulch down and it looks so much nicer out front, even though there is still lots of raking and other work to be done out there.  Two loads of laundry are done and starring at me from the love seat saying "fold me". 

I've made food that needs baked, but here I sit waiting for my sister's last flight to take off.  It's pretty crappy when flight aware tells you the AVERAGE time this flight leaves is over an hour after it is suppose to, and the majority of times in the past few weeks it was more like 2 or 3 hours.  How does an airline get away w/ that crap?

Right now I'm thinking about another nap.

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