Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Ouch, my soul.

It's happened, I've finally gotten so fed up with the piss poor speeds of my Verizon internet and reached out to... Atlantic Broadband. I am hoping and praying the sins of their past are only there, in the past. Fact is, even after paying for the install and buying a cable modem I'll recoup costs in a few months because my bill will be $14 less each month and I'll actually have speed to speak of.

This morning I ran a speed check:
1.29 Mbps down
0.38 Mbps up
Yeah, that's why I was uploading vacation photos all evening and left it run after I went to bed but still have more to go. This will also be nice for my find a grave photo uploads. Maybe having a good connection will also press me to get the new television I've been eying and doing a bit of streaming! We'll see.

I'm still Walmart free, so perhaps my soul isn't irreparably stained. More information on the vacation forthcoming!

In my pile of mail that was waiting I finally received the cancelled out paperwork from my mortgage. That only took ya'll 6 months. Good work.

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