Sunday, April 19, 2015

Not only did I scoop last night, but I started making piles of leaves in the back yard.  It really helped speed things up today when the youngest Law came to assist with my lawn work.  It's so nice to have his help, he doesn't shy away from the work, and it's nice to get to talk with him.

The front and back yards are both in order now, and ready for mowing, but I'm not ready to send the message and ask if my lawn care guy is still doing it this year.  I worry every year that he'll hang it up.  As I look outside it appears that a rain storm is trying to blow in and it's cooling off pretty fast.  Have at it mother nature - I got everything done.  Neener neener.

I'm going to sit here and relax this evening, and play w/ my faster internet speeds to upload some grave photos I took last night.  Yay!

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